(Preview) Is Job Security a Myth? ft. Megan Gillman
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(Preview) Is Job Security a Myth? ft. Megan Gillman

The conversation explores the challenges and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, the misconception of job security, and the self-discovery of being an entrepreneur. It also delves into the surprising aspects of being an entrepreneur and the desire to travel to Denmark.

Stay tuned for the full episode on June 10, 2024


  • Aspiring entrepreneurs should recognize that they already have a team to support them.
  • Job security is a misconception, and entrepreneurship is not necessarily riskier than being an employee.
  • Self-discovery as an entrepreneur involves learning to be a good boss to oneself and seeking accountability partners.
  • Denmark is an appealing destination due to its reputation as one of the happiest countries in the world.
  • Previous episode mentioned: Ep. 17 Building Your Own Table: Thrive Where You're Valued & Appreciated

Sound Bites

  • "Don't think that you're on your own starting off all by yourself just because you don't have employees doesn't mean you don't have a team."
  • "The safe and responsible thing to do is stay an employee because that is safe. But it's not actually any safer than being an entrepreneur."
  • "The most surprising thing I have learned about myself since becoming an entrepreneur is that I am a great employee, but I am a terrible boss to myself sometimes."


00:00 Navigating Entrepreneurship Challenges

01:42 Misconceptions About Job Security

04:23 Self-Discovery as an Entrepreneur

06:04 The Allure of Denmark

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