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Welcome to 'Work it, Live it, Own it!' It's SaCola Lehr here, and I'm thrilled to have you as part of our incredible community. This podcast is all about you and your journey as an entrepreneur.

Imagine us sitting across from each other, sharing stories and dreams over a cup of coffee. That's the vibe we aim for here. It's a place where you're not alone in your aspirations. We're in this together, supporting each other every step of the way.

I'm on a mission to empower you to take control of your life and business. 'Work it' signifies the dedication and effort you put in; 'Live it' embodies fully embracing life's opportunities, and 'Own it' means claiming your path to success.

Expect each episode to be like a heart-to-heart conversation, filled with inspiration, motivation, and practical advice. We're here to celebrate your wins, tackle challenges, and help you flourish both personally and professionally.

So, my friend, let's embark on this exciting journey together. 'Work it, Live it, Own it!' because you deserve every bit of success and fulfillment coming your way.

Stay inspired,

SaCola Lehr

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53: Managing Your Energy as a Business Owner with Susie deVille
July 10, 2024x
00:51:2570.62 MB

53: Managing Your Energy as a Business Owner with Susie deVille

SaCola Lehr interviews Susie deVille, author of the book BUOYANT, about strategies for rediscovering creativity and reclaiming confidence. Susie shares her personal journey of overcoming challenges in her personal and professional life and how she tapped into her creativity to find success and freed...

(Preview) Balance Business Goals & Personal Well-being with Susie deVille
July 02, 202400:07:1810.02 MB

(Preview) Balance Business Goals & Personal Well-being with Susie deVille

SaCola Lehr sits down with Susie deVille and explores the challenges entrepreneurs face in balancing business goals with overall well-being, and the importance of small, consistent practices in achieving sustainable change. It also delves into managing energy, time perception, and the impact of soc...

52: How Life Events Can Influence Your Brand with Jennifer Walter
June 24, 2024x
00:56:4377.9 MB

52: How Life Events Can Influence Your Brand with Jennifer Walter

Join us in this insightful episode as we welcome Jennifer Walter, a renowned sociologist and rebranding expert, alongside hostess, SaCola Lehr. Dive deep into the world of brand trust and the entrepreneurial journey. Discover the critical role of authenticity, empathy, and leadership in crafting a ...


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Incredibly insightful

I love SaCola’s interview style and the insight that her guests share! I specifically enjoyed the episode with Jen and Stacey talking about how to invest in multi family properties even if you’re just getting started! I highly recommend Work It, Live It, Own It!

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Purpose Driven 🙏

New listener and so glad I found this show - embodies my personal and professional mantra of Do Good and Do Well - in life AND business. SaCola is bringing a stellar mix of voices and perspectives that makes this approachable for anyone at any stage of life and work… So a big thank you for this mission and message 👌

Love the flow and guests of your podcast

Thank you for bringing a great podcast to small business owners. It's a great show, and I have enjoyed learning. Please thank your guests for dropping amazing gems during each episode.