50: Making Education Debt-Free the Rushell Lashay Way

50: Making Education Debt-Free the Rushell Lashay Way

In this episode of "Work it, Live it, Own it!," SaCola Lehr interviews Rushell Lashay, founder of A Girl Dropping Knowledge (AGDK). Rushell recounts her evolution from scholarship winner to entrepreneur, detailing how AGDK began as a blog and evolved into a business aiding students with the scholarship process. She shares her personal story of overcoming the loss of her father and securing a quarter million dollars in scholarships, which fueled her passion for helping students graduate debt-free. The discussion also covers the challenges of entrepreneurship, the importance of understanding market needs, and Rushell's commitment to education and minimizing student loan debt.

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The evolution of A Girl Dropping Knowledge (00:01:23)

Inspiration and journey to scholarships (00:04:40)

Fulfilling the business calling (00:13:05)

Ideal time to start looking for scholarships (00:17:10)

Challenges in growing the business (00:20:00)

The struggle of entrepreneurs (00:21:46)

The importance of understanding the problem (00:25:09)

The reality of entrepreneurship (00:29:14)

Managing student loan debt (00:30:56)

Productivity hacks and favorite podcast (00:32:28)

Staying in contact with Rochelle (00:35:59)

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