51: Two Wake-Up Calls Changed Megan Gillman's Life and Career Path

51: Two Wake-Up Calls Changed Megan Gillman's Life and Career Path

Have you ever wondered what it takes to step away from a stable career and chase your entrepreneurial dreams? Listen as Megan Gillman, a life coach who transitioned from a university employee to a business owner, shares her compelling story. She opens up about the critical incidents that propelled her decision to leave her job, such as a harrowing encounter with an active shooter and the tragic death of a student. These life-altering events underscored life's unpredictability and the urgency of pursuing one's passions. Megan candidly discusses the obstacles she faced, from the hurdles of the COVID-19 pandemic to the demands of motherhood, and how she navigated these challenges with resilience. Her story is a testament to the power of support and strategic planning in the journey of building a successful business.

Bullet Points

- Megan Gillman's journey from leaving a stable job to pursue her passion as a life coach and entrepreneur

- The wake-up calls that prompted Megan to make the life-changing decision

- Megan's hesitation to take the leap into entrepreneurship due to concerns about stability, financial security, and fear of being perceived as irresponsible

- Two significant wake-up calls that propelled Megan to reevaluate her life and career

- The emotional impact of the wake-up calls and the importance of having a supportive spouse

- Practical strategies for navigating the transition from a stable job to starting her own business

- Joining a community of like-minded individuals for support and connection during the isolating process of entrepreneurship

- The challenges Megan faced when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and her struggle to balance her business with the responsibilities of motherhood

- The resilience and determination required to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship

- Megan's story as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of seeking support, embracing practical strategies, and navigating through unexpected obstacles

Links & Mentions

- "Life coaching business management perspective": "00:25:13"

- "Scheduling tools and techniques": "00:26:30"

- "Delegation and asking for help": "00:29:22"

- "Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs": "00:32:30"

- "Security in traditional jobs vs entrepreneurship": "00:33:50"

- "Accountability partners and virtual bosses": "00:39:39"

- "Travel destination: Denmark, specifically Copenhagen": "00:40:14"

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