52: How Life Events Can Influence Your Brand with Jennifer Walter
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52: How Life Events Can Influence Your Brand with Jennifer Walter

Join us in this insightful episode as we welcome Jennifer Walter, a renowned sociologist and rebranding expert, alongside hostess, SaCola Lehr. Dive deep into the world of brand trust and the entrepreneurial journey. Discover the critical role of authenticity, empathy, and leadership in crafting a brand, and learn about the intriguing concept of a "north star memory" that can steer your branding strategy. Jennifer imparts her wisdom to entrepreneurs, encouraging them to remain faithful to their core values and to carve out their own definitions of success, while warning against the pitfalls of rebranding without just cause. The conversation also touches on the essential practices of setting personal boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and the art of turning away clients that don't align with your brand. Wrapping up the episode, Jennifer highlights the importance of self-compassion and leaves aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable guidance. Don't miss out on these game-changing insights – tune in now!


(00:00:00) - Building Trust in Your Brand

(00:01:10) - Navigating the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

(00:05:45) - Cultivating Authenticity for Entrepreneurs

(00:13:27) - Practical Branding Strategies

(00:23:36) - Translating Branding into Trust

(00:26:54) - Setting clear brand standards

(00:28:07) - Challenging the narrative of overnight success

(00:32:01) - Being true to oneself during rebranding

(00:37:47) - Common mistakes in brand refreshing

(00:43:11) - Prioritizing self-care and work-life balance

(00:52:19) - Rapid fire questions

(00:52:45) - Growth and Reflection

(00:53:13) - Rapid Fire Questions

(00:53:29) - Biggest Takeaway

(00:54:18) - Hobby and Joy

(00:54:57) - Redefining Success

(00:55:46) - Staying in Touch

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- "Jennifer Walter's Branding Services": "00:17:12"

- "Jennifer Walter's Branding Strategy": "00:23:36"

- "Canva": "00:38:03"

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