(Preview) Balance Business Goals & Personal Well-being with Susie deVille

(Preview) Balance Business Goals & Personal Well-being with Susie deVille

SaCola Lehr sits down with Susie deVille and explores the challenges entrepreneurs face in balancing business goals with overall well-being, and the importance of small, consistent practices in achieving sustainable change. It also delves into managing energy, time perception, and the impact of social media on productivity and client acquisition.


Small, consistent practices lead to sustainable change.

Managing energy is more important than time management.

Genuine interactions are more effective than social media for client acquisition.

Sound Bites

"That five minute walk is going to change your experience of how time functions for you."


00:00 Balancing Business Goals and Well-being

01:22 The Power of Small, Consistent Practices

04:21 Impact of Social Media on Productivity and Client Acquisition

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